wineryRila cellar

Independent small innovative winery with all the gear to make high quality wines.

Tradition since 1981
We strive to environmentally friendly and innovative viticulture..

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red and whiteOur wines

whiteChardonnay 2020

Light yellow color with green nuances. Flavor of citrus, white flowers, apples, peaches and quince, full and fresh taste and nice aftertaste.

whiteGewurz Traminer

Straw yellow color, intense flavor of lychee , roses and fruits, fresh taste and long aftertaste.

redMerlot 2020

Rubi red color, flavor of forest fruits, cherries and plums, rich and smooth taste and velvet aftertaste.

the roseTracian Rose

Varietal berry and ripe cherry aromas, with vibrant flavours of red berries and spice.

Carefully grown by our team of winemakers

We try to do everything with attention to every detail. So you, our customers, always get a first-class product.


Our vineyards are placed under Rila mountain next to the town of Rila.  Vineyards are 650m above the sea-level, that   determines good air movement , hot days and cool nights.


12 hectares


Natural and sustainable system for growing grapes without chemical interference


650 meters above sea level


Cold and rainy winter climate, warm summer days and cool nights